Free Inspirational Talk – May 30, 7:30 pm

Join us for a free, one-hour, inspirational talk at 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 30, at the Whetstone Park of Roses Shelter House. The talk is open to the public, and all visitors are welcome! Brian Pennix, CSB, will speak on the subject of  “Finding Innocence That Is Power, Not Vulnerability.”  Brian is a teacher of Christian Science and a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. Come early to hear live music beginning at 7:00 pm. A question and answer session will follow the talk. The Shelter House is located at 3901 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio. Parking is free. For more information, please call 614-263-3442.


Sentinel Watch

Enrich your prayers for yourself and the world. Hear individuals tell of their healings through reliance on God.
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